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Respond! Flamingo Lighting

Besides power for your laptop, your monitor, your Console Desk sit-stand mechanisms, and your wireless phone charger, you can also have wireless lighting! Flamingo Lighting has its own onboard battery system. The Flamingo battery can be charged while in the fixture using the USB-A outlet atop our QikPac Carry. Or you can slide the light from its fixture and charge it separately.

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Sophisticated Engineering

You can adjust the brightness of the light and the color temperature to suit your preferences and surroundings.

A small LED display on the top of the light indicates your choices. It also displays the time remaining before you need to charge the battery.

Designed specifically for Respond!

Consider Flamingo lighting as another element of the Respond! system. The styling mimics other products in the Respond! System.

Work Anywhere

Flamingo Lighting is both durable and lightweight. Take it to a conference table, a video conferencing venue. or any other place you choose to work.

Avoid eye fatigue by having the proper lighting in your work area.

Multiple functions

Our Flamingo light can serve as a task light.

You can also tilt the top of the fixture upward to provide light for video conferencing. Eliminate shadows and back-lighting to create a professional online presence.

In addition, we added a convenient hook for a place to store your headphones.

The slanted base at the bottom of the fixture serves as a resting place for your phone providing a view so you won’t miss important phone calls or messages.


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