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Respond! Wallies

Wallies are mobile space dividers organized into two and three workstation clusters.

They can be used to create personal workspaces and provide personal healthy and safe work areas.

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There is no assembly.

The space dividers in Wallies are connected with a hinge design that allows each cluster to be folded into a flat, easy-to-move, easy-to-store structure.

Wallies arrive from the factory prefabricated. All you need to do is roll them into place, unfold them, and lock the casters.

Module Types

Wallies accommodate Woodgrain, Fabric, Utility, and Erasable Marker Board modules.

We refer to these as W, F, U, and E Module Types. All modules are the same on both sides. The U module is compatible with our Candystore products.

When an 8” space is added a the bottom of the screen, we refer to this as a Z module.

In our item naming convention for Wallie Clusters, the last three characters indicate the module types starting in the first module above the caster, then upwards from there.

Better Airflow

Wallies with Z modules may be attractive to organizations that have added HEPA filtration to their HVAC systems and desire increased airflow.

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36" x 46", 36" x 54", 36" x 62", 48" x 46", 48" x 54", 48" x 62"


All Fabric, Fabric-Erasable Markerboard, Fabric-Glass, Fabric-Utility-Erasable Markerboard, Fabric-Utility-Fabric, Fabric-Utility-Glass, Undecided, Utility-Erasable Markerboard, Utility-Fabric, Utility-Glass, Woodgrain-Erasable Markerboard, Woodgrain-Fabric, Woodgrain-Glass, Woodgrain-Utility-Erasable Markerboard, Woodgrain-Utility-Frabric, Woodgrain-Utility-Glass

Woodgrain Color

Arvandis Cloud, Arvandis Creme, Arvandis Espresso, Arvandis Nightshade, Arvandis Sterling, Carpathian Cloud, Carpathian Creme, Carpathian Espresso, Carpathian Nightshade, Carpathian Sterling, Solid Cloud, Solid Creme, Solid Espresso, Solid Nightshade, Solid Sterling, Tweis Cloud, Tweis Creme, Tweis Espresso, Tweis Nightshade, Tweis Sterling

Fabric Color

Amber, Black, Brown Haze, Cardinal, Gray Mix, Leapfrog, NA or Undecided, Royal, Snappy, Spa Blue, Viola


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