Getting Back to Work Safely 

Our shield screens and panels were designed for optimal privacy and distancing for employees, helping them stay safe and comfortable in their return to the office. Find everything you need to operate efficiently in 2022. 

Shield with Benching

Save space while maintaining necessary distancing with a high-quality benching solution. Safe and stylish shields create a comfortable and safe separation between your employees. 

Benching system with track mounted and worksurface mounted screens and storage.

Height adjustable benching system with screens and storage

Shield with Height
Adjustable desks

Our safe shield solutions can be paired with My-Hite height adjustable desks
to allow employees to sit or stand. This allows them to work however they please without sacrificing safety. 

My-Hite Desks and Beam with privacy screen and shield top-mounted screen

My-Hite and Beam with Shield desk clamp hardware

Shield with Panels

Panels and screens can be combined and configured in a number of ways to increase safety and distancing while getting the most use of your space. Panels and screens can easily be added to your current office arrangement without significant changes. 

We have a number of options available from the finest brands in the industry. 

Novo panels with Shield freestanding laminate panels with feet

Interra panel system with privacy screen and Shield freestanding panels with feet

Systems with privacy screens and Shield panel mounted clamp hardware

Novo panels with Shield Systems 2 with privacy screens and Shield panel mounted clamp hardware top mounted hardware

Keep your employees safe and comfortable as they return to the office.

Maximum work efficiency requires safety and comfort. Our line of Back to Business office furniture allows you to create optimal distancing and safety precautions without sacrificing productivity or space. Our team of experts is ready to help you get back to the office, contact us for more information. 

Many Options and Brands Available.

Let us help you get going: (408) 753-9187

Clamps / Protectors

Durable, stylish, and effective solutions for safe distancing in the office. 

Desk Shields

Full shield provides protection and
clear and semi-transparent barrier from the
distractions of others.

Need Something Else? We Have What You’re Looking For.

We’re here to help you get back to the office during this stressful time. Contact us for more information about how we can help your office stay safe and operate at maximum efficiency.