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Cubicle Desks and Cubicle Walls

Office cubicles are a great piece of office furniture for most environments. Although they don’t have the beauty of some modern furniture, cubicles are efficient and practical, meaning they can be a benefit for any work space. Cubicles are meant to be partially enclosed work spaces that separate workers from their neighbors enough to avoid distractions, but not too much that you can’t communicate with others. Cubicles provide privacy and focus for your employees, without sacrificing employee happiness or the ability to use teamwork. With proper planning and design, our new and used cubicles can also help your Bay Area office space look great and make your employees feel comfortable and productive at work.

Having a great selection of cubicles for sale isn’t always enough. Choosing the right cubicle design not only helps your employees’ comfort, it also makes your office look organized and professional. Office Solutions has the best selection of cubicles for all situations, including major brands like Herman Miller (the creator of the cubicle design), Solero, Haworth, and Steelcase. Not only we have a variety of colors and designs for our cubicle desks, but we also have unique cubicle walls that come in different designs and sizes. Our tall cubicle partitions are great for privacy, while smaller partitions helps with teamwork and productivity.

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Browse our great selection of cubicles for sale and find a style that works for you and fits the current design and physical space of your office. Each individual product shown below comes in multiple styles, so be sure to look at all your favorite brands. We can then help with installation and design as needed. If you choose to do this by yourself, make sure that you are using your new or used cubicles most effectively. Allow your work space to flow easily, and group people together who will be working together. For other tips regarding best use of your new cubicles from Office Solutions, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you out. Otherwise, request a quote today.

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