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At Office Solutions, we only use brands that produce high quality office furniture. You can see the reputable brands that we work with below. Click on their image to see all their products. 

Since we’re committed to providing highly durable, modern furniture that will last you for many years to come, we pride ourselves on being the best place to buy office furniture in the Bay Area. Brands like these help us accomplish that. 

Best Office Furniture in the Bay Area

We stick to the most reputable brands. Learn more about some of the brands we offer, which we consider to be among the best you can find for Bay Area office furniture.

Arcadia: Arcadia is a California-based manufacturer specializing in seating and tables, allowing for multi-purpose use and modern designs. Their Lobby & Reception products are especially popular. See Products.

Cherryman: Cherryman Industries include sets of office furniture that are perfect for reception areas, executive offices, and conference rooms. They also offer high quality accessories like computer arms and lighting options. See Products.

Encore: Encore specializes in modern seating options including benches, mobile seating, and stools. They are based in California and also have new side tables for your office. See Products.

Fríant: Fríant is a global distributor based in San Leandro which offers three classic and flexible office furniture systems, along with cubicles, benching, and more. See Products.

HAT Contract: HAT Contract is a Santa Clara company which specialized in open-space office furniture systems. They’re known most for their high quality benching systems, storage pedestals, and height adjustable tables. See Products.

Office Star Products: Offering both modern and classic office furniture options, Office Star has a large assortment of cubicles, benching, and height adjustable tables for any office. See Products.

Open Plan Systems: Open Plan Systems features a wide array of modern chairs, desks, and everything you need for an upscale office in the Bay Area. See Products.

Pacific Coast Furniture Group: PCF offers a long catalog of anything you’d need in your office, from grommets and other office accessories to executive desks. See Products.

Richelieu: Richelieu of the hardware needed to expand your office furniture, including Monitor arms and panel systems to help your work environment run smoothly. See Products.

Zenbooth: Zenbooth is a Berkeley-based company specializing in office phone booths. Their sleek booths offer a quiet space for 1-on-1s, phone calls, or just relaxing. See Products.

Just like our great brands, we also have our own specialties! Our experience in the industry, friendly and hardworking staff, and ability to handle every step of the process help make us the Bay Area’s trusted office partner. Fill out the form below for a quote or help with office space design or movement