Office Design Services

We offer office design services and office space planning using our industry-leading software. Our knowledgeable staff of designers combined with cutting-edge software enables us to solve any client’s space planning needs regardless of the constraints. From client consultation and needs analysis to budgeting, planning and designing, Office Solutions can do it all. Most businesses who offer planning and design services focus only on a visually appealing design. We take it further than that. Keep reading to find out why our designs stand out.

Why to Choose Us for Your Office Design Services


Stellar Designs

Great looking interior designs that fit your industry and style.


Maximum Productivity

Improve your office efficiency and maximize comfort.


20+ Years Experience

An experienced, expert team that can handle the whole process.



We work with you to provide the best service possible.

Office space design takes more than just a creative eye. The look and feel of an office has changed drastically over the past decade. No longer do you expect to see a cookie-cutter office meant only for work and efficiency. Offices today are more unique and calming, and all that begins with having the right furniture and design.

With Bay Area Office Solutions, you’re getting a complete product. The best office design services not only produce an office that looks great, but also creates one which promotes efficiency and comfort. If you’re able to make your office feel comforting, your employees will be happy and productive. If your office looks professional, your clients will have more respect for your business. And if your office isn’t overly complex, your bottom line will be great. Finally, we take your personal preferences into consideration in order to create a design that pleases you. Without all of these being part of your design, your business isn’t operating as effectively as possible. Office Solutions focuses on all of these aspects in order to help your business thrive.

We don’t work for you to plan the space of your dreams, we work with you. For more information on how we can help transform your office with our planning services, or to get a quote, contact us.

Cubicle Design Services

One of our biggest office design services involves cubicle design. Using cubicles is meant to be a way of maximizing floor space and using your office as efficiently as possible, while still providing privacy. We are able to do this as well as anyone, and improve your office’s work flow. Using top-of-the-line software helps, but our experience and ability to work closely with you is what helps the most. For cubicle design in California, we will construct the best office space possible. Our office cubicle space planning can help any business get their commercial space working effectively, as we have the experience, vision, and resources necessary to plan for a variety of work functions and types of furniture. Beyond simple design, we also offer a great selection of new and used cubicle systems, meaning you can start and end the process here.

Want help with your cubicle design? Contact us here to get started.


Cubicle Design

Planned Office Layout Installation

A lot of people enjoy the process of designing an office space layout, and many business owners have already decided on a preferred layout by the time they contact us. At the same time, many business owners need help to maximize floor space and create a professional corporate appearance. Whether you ask us to create a floor plan or you already have a specific one in mind, we’re up for the task. Our installation team will help make your vision a reality, carefully installing each piece of furniture, accessories, and necessary electronics.

Our installation team works seamlessly with our delivery and office space planning teams, making this process a breeze for business owners.

Take the stress out of planning your building space. Whether you’re searching for cubicle design, a new layout for your benching, or just want installation for a pre-planned office layout, our all-around office space planning team will be just what you need.

Be sure to check out our other services, along with our wide selection of new and used office furniture. If you’re in the Bay Area of California, let Office Solutions help you create the office of your dreams. We’re with you every step of the way, starting at planning and purchasing, all the way to setting up a phone system and electrical.

If you want to see examples of our planning and design services, contact us. We’ll tell you all about our experience and why you should trust us to help with your office. Click the button below to get started.