Flirt Meeting Tables

Round and arc square top shapes offered in Maple, Walnut and White Oak veneer as well as laminate, CorianB and back-painted glass.

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Flirt creates a place to come together, collaborate, listen and learn. Its broad offering of multi-use, reconfigurable products enable the maximization of different settings, inspiring and supporting the work at hand. Whether meetings are planned for impromptu, include many attendees or only a few, or require the sharing of spaces, Flirt changes and adapts to needs at any given moment.

Round and arc square top shapes offered in maple, walnut and white oak veneer as well as laminate, Corian and back-painted glass.
Metal base manufactured in aluminum and offered in standard as well as premium finish selections.
Offered in custom heights between 26″ – 42″.
Base design facilitates wire management for through-the-surface electrical and/or data capability.
SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified (excludes veneer).

Round Top, 26″ High Sizes:
29″ Dia. x 26″ H
36″ Dia. x 26″ H
42″ Dia. x 26″ H

Round Top, 29″ High Sizes:
29″ Dia. x 29″ H
36″ Dia. x 29″ H
42″ Dia. x 29″ H

Round Top, 42″ High Sizes:
29″ Dia. x 42″ H
36″ Dia. x 42″ H

Arc-Square Top, 26″ Height Sizes:
30″ W x 30″ L x 26″ H
36″ W x 36″ L x 26″ H
42″ W x 42″ L x 26″ H

Arc-Square Top, 29″ Height Sizes:
30″ W x 30″ L x 29″ H
36″ W x 36″ L x 29″ H
42″ W x 42″ L x 29″ H

Arc-Square Top, 42″ Height Sizes:
30″ W x 30″ L x 42″ H
36″ W x 36″ L x 42″ H

Maple Finish Options:
Natural Maple
Natural Beech on Maple
Caramel Maple
Autumn Maple
Cinnamon Maple
Bourbon Maple
Maple Cocoa
Kona Maple

Walnut Finish Options:
Natural Walnut
Cinnamon Walnut
Bourbon Walnut

White Oak Finish Options:
Natural White Oak
Caramel Oak
Autumn Oak
Cinnamon Oak
Bourbon Oak
Cocoa Oak
Kona Oak
Smoky Umber White Oak
Slate Grey White Oak
Ebony Oak

Laminate Finish Options:
Brite White
Clear Maple
Siren Maple
Honey Maple
Natural Rift
River Cherry
Windsor Mahogany
Shaker Cherry
Empire Mahogany
Cocoa Maple
Absolute Acajou
Iconic Maple
Black Ashwood

Corian Finish Options:
Designer White
Rain Cloud
Witch Hazel

Metal Base Finish Options:
Metallic Silver
Charcoal Grey
Satin Black
Metallic Champagne
Gold Shimmer
Brown Sugar

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Round: 29×26, Round: 29×29, Round: 29×42, Round: 36×26, Round: 36×29, Round: 36×42, Round: 42×26, Round: 42×29, Square: 30x30x26, Square: 30x30x29, Square: 30x30x42, Square: 36x36x26, Square: 36x36x29, Square: 36x36x42, Square: 42x42x26, Square: 42x42x29


Absolute Acajou, Autumn Maple, Autumn Oak, Black, Black Ashwood, Bourbon Maple, Bourbon Oak, Bourbon Walnut, Brite White, Caramel Maple, Caramel Oak, Cinnamon Maple, Cinnamon Oak, Cinnamon Walnut, Clear Maple, Cocoa Maple, Cocoa Oak, Designer White, Ebony Maple, Ebony Oak, Empire Mahogany, Honey Maple, Iconic Maple, Kona Maple, Kona Oak, Linen, Maple Cocoa, Natural Beech on Maple, Natural Maple, Natural Rift, Natural Walnut, Natural White Oak, Rain Cloud, River Cherry, Shaker Cherry, Siren Maple, Slate, Slate Grey White Oak, Smoky Umber White Oak, Windsor Mahogany, Witch Hazel, Witchcraft

Metal Base

Brown Sugar, Charcoal Grey, Chrome, Cotton, Gold Shimmer, Metallic Champagne, Metallic Silver, Penny, Satin Black


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