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Respond! Candystore

Candystore reimagines workstation storage. Most previous storage systems relied on drawers, a legacy design from the days in the last century when office workers relied primarily on paper documents.

The Candystore can be a mobile cart, a Utility Module in our Wallies products, or a wall-mounted grid.

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The Mobile Candystore

This design is particularly useful for co-working or hybrid work environments. Users can take all the tools and materials they need for their job to any workstation.

Every mobile Candystore includes an erasable whiteboard so you can sketch, doodle, make notes and lists, map processes, and brainstorm at every workstation.

The Wallie Candystore

The Wallie Candystore is a module in the design engineered to accept our Candy storage elements.

The Wall-mounted Candystore

A wall-mounted Candystore is a great idea for a private office or for a common area such as a breakroom or entrance area.

They can be office supply depots or configured with things everyone needs such as claim forms, enrollment or application documents, or snacks.


The Candy range of products includes storage for books, manuals, and binders; letter trays; shelves, storage boxes for small office supplies; universal hooks for coats and backpacks, as well as trash containers.

These are available in an array of fun colors. You can add a pop of color to any environment.


Candy elements let you customize workstations for users with the tools and storage elements that adapt to their job and their work area. No “one size fits all”.

Better Housekeeping

If you specify the right Candystore and Candy, there is no reason for anything to be stored on the floor. Your housekeeping crews have complete access to keep the floor clean.

High Density

Adjacent Candy elements can share the same mounting positions on the Candystore grid. There is no need for gaps or spaces.

Special Equipment?

The Mobile Candystore includes a large open shelf. Great for printers, scanners, small copiers, projectors, and other electronics that might be part of a workday.

Special Uses

Consider configuring a mobile Candystore to serve as an employment application center, a workplace cleaning supplies center, an office supplies center, an announcement board, a snack center, a mobile tech services repair and supply cart, or mount video screens for a portable meeting center.

Lean Thinking

If you are a Lean Thinker, our Candy products will tempt you.

With 10 available colors, lean thinkers can color code processes so managers can use visual clues to assess the status of workflows in their organizations.

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Mobile, Wall-mounted, Wall-mounted w/Marked Board


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