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Respond! Console Desks

Respond! Console Desks are the world’s first fully-featured, battery-powered workstations. Including helpful features such as:

  • Modesty Panels
  • Adjustment Ranges
  • Obstacle Detection
  • Rated Payload
  • Active Controls
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Special Features from the manufacturer

All desks are contoured to accommodate human reach patterns, with twenty options for top designs.

Height-Adjustable Consoles adjust from 25” to 44” with single-stage or from 22” to 46” with dual-stage height adjustment.


Respond! Console Desks are equipped with 120mm casters to easily make changes to your layout. Any placement is possible as there are no concerns about cables, wires, or power outlets.

Obstacle Detection

Our Adjustable-Height Console Desks include an automatic reverse feature when an obstacle is detected.

Rated Payload

The rated payload is 100 pounds for adjustable height console desks, and 250 pounds for fixed-height console desks. This is twice as much as the standard desk.

Power System

All Respond! Adjustable-Height Console Desks are equipped with a docking system for the QIKPAC CARRY battery system-USB-C compatible.

No plug-ins are necessary. The battery powers the adjustable-height mechanisms as well as desktop computer equipment.

Active Controls

For healthy work habits, using Bluetooth, our adjustable-height control conveniently pairs with the MOTION@work app available for Apple or Android operating systems.

It includes auto-prompting to sit or stand. Users can record sitting and standing preferences. These are retained in the app and applied to any workstation they occupy.

The app also includes metrics regarding the time spent standing and sitting.


Optionally Includes the Respond! QikPac Charging Center

Learn more here.

Capacity: Up to 24 QikPac Carry power units

Power Cord

The standard configuration will include a 6’ power cord. Contact us for a special length.

QikPac Carry Status Indication

Indicator lights on the face of the QikPac Carry tell users which are fully charged or partially charged.


The Respond! QikPac Carry charging center is mounted on four 200mm casters with brakes so you can easily move it in an office layout.

Easy Maintenance

In the unlikely event of the failure of a component, the back of the unit can be removed using a keyed entry system. A qualified technician should perform all maintenance.

All the internal components are modular and easily replaced.

Whenever maintenance is performed, unplug the unit from its 120V power source before beginning any work. We strongly recommend “lock-out, tag-out” procedures be used as a standard maintenance practice.

Power Supplies

Each Charging Center is equipped with eight power supplies, each capable to simultaneously charge three QIKPAC CARRY power units.

The power supply input voltage can range from 100V to 240V meaning these are capable for almost every power system in the world.

The Power Supply is 92% efficient in converting AC current to DC current.

No Tools

Any user can place their QikPac Carry in any position on the Charging Center. No tools, no technical support are required.

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59" x 29", 71" x 29"

Woodgrain Color

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Wireless Phone Charger

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