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Agile Workstations

“Respond!” from August Berres is the world’s first complete office system with integrated DC power (NO 120V wiring) – the key to creating reconfigurable agile workspaces.






Respond! Console Desks

The world’s first fully-featured, battery-powered workstations!  Giving you:

  • The best possible office configurations
  • All the features of your favorite height adjustable workstations
  • Better sustainability practices
  • A valuable recruiting tool

What if…

You could power everything on your desktop with a rechargeable battery?

What if…

Your workstation could be mobile?

What if…

You still had all the wonderful features of your current desks and tables?


Now you can.

Environmentally Responsible

Respond! products are designed to use materials that enhance user health and well-being, are safely manufactured, durable, and recyclable.

  • No Hazardous Materials
  • Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Grid-saving Power System
  • Clean Operational Resilience

Wallies are mobile space dividers with functional uses.

Trey and Quatras tables can be configured throughout your office.

The Respond! Series will maximize your office space.

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Everything your office needs

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Respond! Candystore

Most previous storage systems relied on drawers, a legacy design from the days in the last century when office workers relied primarily on paper documents.

The Candystore can be a mobile cart, a Utility Module in our Wallies products, or a wall-mounted grid.

Respond! Flamingo Lighting

Flamingo Lighting has its own onboard battery system. The Flamingo battery can be charged while in the fixture using the USB-A outlet atop our QikPac Carry.

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